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artist's approach to permanent or instant information accumulation

zeyno pekunlu

Art of Everyday Life Talks, June 2021


Zeyno Pekünlü (1980, İzmir) completed the Artistic Research and Production Master's program at the University of Barcelona, and received her proficiency in art from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She lives in Istanbul and is the coordinator of the Istanbul Biennial Work and Research Program (ÇAP). The artist is also a member of the editorial collective of the e-journal Red Thread and the IRI (Institute of Radical Imagination). Her works extend from gender roles to the production and distribution processes of knowledge, traversing the public and private manifestations of different forms of domination, and problematizing power technologies.


2019 Work
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2016 Zeynep Pekünlü
SALT ULUS, Ankara, Turkey 2015 Everything I Know
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey 2012 Osman Killed Me
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey


art of everyday life

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