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serhan ada

Art of Everyday Life Talks, July 2021


Serhan Ada  finished Saint-Joseph High School. he completed Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences International Relations in 1977, he finished his postgraduate education in 1979 and finished his doctorate education in 2004. He became a research assistant in the university between 1979 and 1984. Then he worked in Private Sector as Senior manager and marketing manager (in the fields of trademark, product, design and international distribution)
Ada  is , Istanbul Bilgi University Culture Management (bachelor degree and postgraduate) Program and Stage and Performing Arts Management bachelor degree Program Coordinator, design Culture and management and Fashion Management (certificate) Program Director and SantralIstanbul Founder-director. He is Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Culture Consultant, guest faculty member in Bologna University GIOCA–Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts Master Program, Association of International Art Critics (AICA) TURKEY Branch founder-member, Deputy Chairman of Anatolian Culture Corp., Deputy Head of UNESCO Turkey National Commission Cultural Variety Committee. He worked as City Culture Director and Bigger Projects Coordinator in Istanbul 2010 European Culture Capital Agency between September 2008 and December 2010.

He wrote column the “Thin/Long” in Radical newspaper weekly and trials and critics on different fields of art and culture between 1996 and 2010. ADA wrote in magazines such as History and Society, Notebook. He collected his poems in the book called İlan-ı Siir (Yapı Kredi Publishing, 1995), His doctorate thesis which he completed in 2004 was published with the name “Hatay Problem in Turkish-French Relations” (1918-1939) (Istanbul Bilgi University Publishing, 2005). he got doctorate degree in the field of Image arts in April 2010. Ada knows English, French, Italian and Spanish.

art of everyday life

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