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cancellation of common daily life and possibility of other maps of daily life

Rafet Arslan

Art of Everyday Life Talks, June 2021


Rafet Arslan (1972), brings different times together in the spirit and material unity of them, desires to create a timeless poetic image. Being a writer, musician, curator and performance artist at the same time, Arslan pursues an aesthetic that establishes relationships between disciplines. Arslan constructs multi-layered image structures that make visible the transitions between utopia and dystopia with the montage technique he uses. Archiving the objects and images he collected from different sources, the artist begins to create stories with the concern of combining the material within the plastic values of the painting. For this purpose, the artist does not hesitate to use paper collage and digital images side by side with paintings and installations.  Arslan bases his pictorial practice on creating an abstract visual universe and adding up-to-date new images and stories to the Cobra Movement painting, which he admires. He is the founder; He took part in the management of many exhibitions, performances and collective events such as Demolition 2011, Ubik Project, Reality Terror, Howl, together with the Surrealist Action Group and Peripheri Collective. Arslan still publishes poems, essays and articles in various publications and continues to work on new book files. The artist also contributes to the sound universe with a storytelling role in the performance and music project Robotik Dreams.

art of everyday life

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