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okan  pulat

Okan Pulat

Ordinary / 2018 - 2021

Digital print photo on HP semi-gloss paper

70x100 cm / 30x45 cm

The monotony in our lives is full of images waiting to be noticed. Images are like words waiting to be accumulated; words spoken but not heard; seen but not seen. These are the words that are as far from the ordinary as they are ordinary and that touch our minds.

YücelTunca_HicbirSeyOlmadiginda_Sergi_Izmir_belge adı_re_23_72.jpg

art of everyday life


He was born in Bandırma in 1981.  He became seriously interested in photography in 2010.  In the same year, he attended  Bandırma Photography Art Association seminar and became a member of the association.  He took part in many group exhibitions arrenged by Banfad. He participated in Fotoistanbul 2016 with his personal exhibition.  His photozine "Existence" was published as part of the 16 photographer 16 photozine event held in collaboration with Fail Books in 2017.  In 2018, his photozine "Insight" was published by Suimasen Editions . He lives in Bandırma and continues his photography work.

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