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existence, duration, difference

didem erişkin


Didem Erişkin

Presence, Duration, Difference/ 2021

Digital print poster, 70x100 cm

“The universe can offer us static structures; sometimes everything seems totally predictable. But the dynamic, that is, the movement of life, always precedes static, inactivity; determines it, relativizes it. The entity is a static form of predetermined possibilities.

proceeds not by realization, but by virtual rolls of the dice. Being is Duration. But Time Is Also The Difference. Duration (Difference) produces durations (differences).(...) Existence is absolute Difference which is not dependent on identity.”

Bergsonism - Gilles Deleuze

YücelTunca_HicbirSeyOlmadiginda_Sergi_Izmir_belge adı_re_16_72.jpg

art of everyday life


Didem Erişkin graduated from Yaşar University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Graphic Design. After her undergraduate education, she started her master’s degree at Dokuz Eylül University, Fine Arts Institute, Art and Design Department and completed her education with her thesis, “Kinetic Typography Implementations in 21st Century Contemporary Art”. She took part in many workshops and exhibitions during her undergraduate and graduate education. She is currently working on exhibition, graphic and web design for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and art initiatives. In addition, she works as a visual designer for San Francisco-based start-up company Decktopus.

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