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aslıhan güçlü

HP yarı mat kağıda dijital baskı fotoğraf 40x60 cm
HP yarı mat kağıda dijital baskı fotoğraf
Aslıhan Güçlü Dolaysız / 2021 HD Video 59’’ &

Aslihan Guclu

Unequivocable / 2021

HD Video 59'' &

Digital print photo on HP semi-gloss paper

30X40 cm / 40X60 cm

The degree of coexistence and compression of the past and present is strengthened by our experience of perceiving time. This turning point divides the past, present and future while allowing us to notice the moments that recur every day in our daily life. This infinite divisibility scheme formed in our memory moves towards perceptions and images by getting rid of space and time. The work, which deals with the concept of duration, in which Henri Bergson defines the pure tendencies found by intuition as a result of experience, is a reflection of the repeated moments and images for me throughout the pandemic.

These moments in my daily life, when repeated more and more with the pandemic, opened up an intuitive field specific to consciousness. These moments contain an immeasurable singularity like when we are bored, afraid, tired and happy. Totally direct, completely out of life...

art of everyday life

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Born in Ankara, Aslıhan Güçlü,  After graduating from Ege University Classical Archeology Department, he graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Fine Arts Faculty Photography Department. After completing her master's degree in Art and Design at the same university, she continues her doctorate studies in photography.  In 2007 with the 'Sümerbank' selection at the İFSAK 2nd Young Photographers Festival, in 2012 with the project titled 'Evil Flowers' in the 'Beyond Experience' exhibition held at the Pera Museum, in 2014 with the 'Never Changed' series in the second edition of the Mamut Art Project, in 2016 In the III. He took part in the Fotoistanbul Photography Festival with the 'Adem's Defeat' project. In 2018, he participated in exhibitions at the K2 Contemporary Art Center and Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum with his photography and video works titled 'Manifesto' and 'Nihil'. Aslıhan Güçlü, who took part in the Isolation Project with invited artists from many cities, especially from Istanbul, with the onset of the pandemic, is one of the participating artists of the Mahalle İzmir project carried out by GAPO. While continuing her studies on human-modified geographies, visual memory research, and psychogeography, she also continues her studies on gender and body abstractions.

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