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ali kanal


Ali Kanal

Relic / 2021

Found Object

What makes an object valuable? Is it function? Is it the amount of production? Or who does it belong to? Does the object lose its value in the unknown of the answers to these questions? This object found among the ruins, has no answers. It is not known whether it works or to whom it belongs. No predictions can be made. Can this completely undefined object gain value and perhaps become sacred with its mystery?

In fact, this object, which gives the impression of belonging to everyday life but does not fully represent the place or time it belongs to, should be valued like a relic.

YücelTunca_HicbirSeyOlmadiginda_Sergi_Izmir_belge adı_re_11_72.jpg
YücelTunca_HicbirSeyOlmadiginda_Sergi_Izmir_belge adı_re_13_72.jpg

art of everyday life


Ali Kanal was born in 1988 in İzmir. He completed his undergraduate education in DEU GSF Sculpture Dept. in 2015. He started his graduate education in 2017 at DEU GSE Sculpture Dept. He lives and works in Izmir. Since 2016 he is a member of the Daragac collective, which is one of the city's contemporary art actors.

2018, I See Dead Birds; Draws and Objects, Solo Exhibition, Umurbey, Izmir, Turkey
2015, 4 Corner - One Time, Personal Exhibition, K2 Residence, Izmir, Turkey 2013, '00: 33 '/ Ali Kanal in Sütüdyo, Solo Exhibition, Sütüdyo Art Space, Izmir, Turkey

2021, Possibilities of Waste: Form & Process, Group Exhibition, Kale Design and Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2021, The Pandementals, Group Exhibition, Online Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey 2021, Apartment, Group Exhibition, No. 52, Yeldeğirmeni, Istanbul, Turkey

2021, Objects of Desire, Group Exhibition, Goethe-Institut İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2020, Daragac V :’VAR’, Group Exhibition, Umurbey, Izmir, Turkey
2019, All About The Benjamins, Group Exhibition, Market Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

2019, Young Art: 5. Contemporary Art Project Exhibition, Cer Modern, Ankara, Turkey
2019, Daragac IV: 'Necessity', Group Exhibition, Umurbey, Izmir, Turkey 2018, Young Fresh Different 9, Group Exhibition, Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul, Turkey

2018, Mamut Art Project '18, Exhibition, Küçükçiftlik Park, Istanbul, Turkey 2018, Counter Bienal, Group Exhibition, Bizmar Kültür, Mardin, Turkey
2018, Young Art: 4. Contemporary Art Project Exhibition, Cer Modern, Ankara, Turkey

2017, Bkz. Daragac, Group Exhibition, Umurbey, Izmir, Turkey
2017, 'Camus was here ...', Group Exhibition, Gallery K2, Izmir, Turkey 2016, 'Fugitive Shadow' Terrace Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
2016, Daragac | by the way, Group Exhibition, Umurbey, Izmir, Turkey


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